Recording and preparing audio used in applets

This information is only applicable to calls, not other types of interactions.

Many of the applets in an interaction plan play audio files to the caller. Types of audio files include announcements, music, whispers, and prompts that IVR applets play to tell the caller which key to press to select a specified menu item, for example.

Recording audio 

If you want to record your own audio files, to ensure the quality of your recordings, follow these basic rules:

  • Prepare a transcript for each file you plan to record.
  • Find a quiet room. Use the same room each time you record for consistent results.
  • Record the best quality audio files in WAV format. 
  • Save recordings as WAV (.wav) files.
  • Listen to your recordings before using them.

Preparing audio

When you have finished recording your audio files, you must prepare the files for use in Vonage Contact Center. To prepare the files, using recording software, perform the following tasks:

  • Back up your original recordings

  • Remove leading and trailing silence

  • Add a short fade at the start (fade in) and end (fade out) of the recording
  • Normalize the recorded sound volume

  • Automatically level the volume (compress the dynamic range)

  • Convert the file as described in the following table:

    Required or recommended

    Sample rate

    8 kHz

    Sample depth16 bitRequired
    Recording gainAdjust the recording gain to just below the red scale to avoid recording at full volumeRequired
    File formatWAV (.wav file)Required
    Audio channelMonoRequired
    EncodingLinear pulse-code modulation (LPCM)Recommended

You can now upload your audio file as described in the appropriate applet or applets.

You cannot upload audio messages that the Data Announcer applets use. Send these files to Vonage Contact Center to upload. For information about using custom audio files in the Data Announcer applet, see Announcements in the Data Announcer applet.