Setting your number for supervising calls

If Supervisor Monitoring is enabled for your account, and if you have permission to use it you must provide the phone number on which you will listen to calls. To set your phone number, perform the following steps:

  1. In the call monitoring section of the toolbar area, click settings. For information on the toolbar, see Overview of Real Time.
    Call Monitoring Settings appears.
    Call monitoring settings

  2. In Supervisor line number type the phone number on which you will listen to calls.

    E.164 format

    You must provide this number in E.164 (international) format. For information about E.164 format, see E.164 format.
  3. Click Save. The alert icon flashes and the list of alerts is updated.

    If you have provided a valid number, a success alert appears. If you have provided a string containing characters other than numbers, an error message appears.

    Line number change alert
    Line number change alert - failed

When you click to supervise a call, you will receive a call on this number. For information about supervising calls, see Supervising a call.