Using the Vonage Contact Center Admin Portal

How do I use the VCC Admin Portal as a supervisor?

As a VCC Admin Portal supervisor, you are able to perform tasks including the following:

  • Create and manage agents and groups, monitor call center performance, log agents in to the VCC Admin Portal and change agents' states in Real Time. For more information about Real Time, see Real Time.
  • Create applets and interactions plans in Interaction Architect. For more information about Interaction Architect, see Interaction Architect.
  • View and report on call center statistics in Stats and Reports. For more information about Stats and Reports, see Stats and Reports.
  • Configure settings for your call center. For more information about configuring call center settings, see Configuring Vonage Contact Center.
  • View system activity using System Audit. For more information about System Audit, see Viewing and downloading system activity (System Audit).
  • Search and listen to call recordings in Interaction Content. For more information about Interaction Content, see Interaction Content.