Using the Vonage Contact Center Admin Portal

How do I use the VCC Admin Portal as a supervisor?

As a VCC Admin Portal supervisor, you are able to perform tasks including the following:

  • Monitor call center performance, log agents in to the VCC Admin Portal and change agents' states in Real Time. For more information about Real Time, see Real Time.
  • Create applets and interactions plans in Interaction Plans Architect. For more information about Interaction Plans Architect, see Interaction Plans Architect.
  • View and report on call center statistics in Stats and Reports. For more information about Stats and Reports, see Stats and Reports.
  • Configure settings for your call center. For more information about configuring call center settings, see Configuring Vonage Contact Center.
  • View system activity using Audit Log. For more information about Audit Log, see Viewing and downloading system activity (Audit Log).
  • Search and listen to call recordings in Interaction Content. For more information about Interaction Content, see Interaction Content.