Agent licenses

When you sign a contract with Vonage Contact Center, you have an agreed number of agent user licenses. Each active agent user uses an agent license.

If you have more than one account, you can allocate your licenses among your accounts. You can also set a maximum overage. Maximum overage is the number of additional licenses you can use (at extra cost) when you have used all your allocated licenses. Maximum overage prevents users with normal permissions from creating unlimited agents. When you have used your maximum overage, contact Vonage Contact Center for more licenses. Alternatively you can free up existing licenses by inactivating agents. Until you have more licenses, normal users cannot create more agents. For information about allocating licenses and setting limits on overage, see Configuring licenses.

When you create or edit multiple users in User Admin, you are warned if you will exceed your agent user license limit by importing users. You are prevented from importing users if doing so will result in you exceeding your maximum agent user license limit. For more information, see Creating or editing multiple users from a CSV file.

When you manage your agents in User Admin, you can see how many agent licenses you have in the associated account and how many are in use.

ContactPad users

Enabling ContactPad access to a user with a supervisor or admin license does not allocate an agent license to that user. Access to ContactPad is included with supervisor and admin licenses.

You can create any number of supervisor and admin users in your account; you are charged for each supervisor and admin user.

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