Insights Stats API

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For information, see Trying out Vonage Contact Center APIs.

What is the Insights Stats API?

Vonage Contact Center’s (VCC) Insights Stats API enables you to access data about your agents, interactions and queues.

The API provides you with all the data you need to keep track of activity in VCC. Use the data in reports, or integrate with third party tools to present the information in wallboards or for workforce management.

Who is the Insights Stats API for?

Insights Stats API is for developers, engineers, and anyone else who is comfortable integrating with RESTful APIs and that needs to gain insight into contact center activity.

Account-level API

This API provides access to an entire account’s data. User-level permissions are not enforced.


March 30, 2020 We are deprecating the v0 Statistics API. You must update any integrations that use v0 Statistics API and migrate to using Insights Stats API. For information about migrating to Insights Stats API, see Migrating from V0 Statistics to the Insights Stats API.

March 27, 2019 We have split our APIs into their own dedicated portal. This means that you can find documentation for the version of the API you are interested in. Awesome, huh?! We’ve also updated the name of the API from Stats API to Insights Stats API.