Agents API

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For information, see Trying out Vonage Contact Center APIs.

What is the Agents API?

Vonage Contact Center's Agents API enables you to manage agents’ presences. Depending on your role in VCC, you can perform different tasks:

  • Agents can get and set their own presences
  • Supervisor users can get and set the presences of agents who belong to groups that they have access to
  • Admin users can get and set all agents’ presences

Who is the Agents API for?

The Agents API is for:

  • Individual agents. Agents can view and edit their own presence
  • Supervisors. Supervisors can view and edit presences of agents who: 
    • Are their children
    • Belong to groups that the supervisor has access to

User-level API

User-level API credentials are required to use this API. User-level credentials are linked to an active user and enforce their permissions while using the available endpoints.