Payment API

What is the Payment API?

The Secure Payment solution provides a secure mechanism to collect sensitive payment card information from callers or clients. Sensitive card information can be concatenated with non-sensitive card holder information sourced from a CRM or eCommerce system, or manually entered by an agent. All the card information can then be securely transmitted to a Payment Gateway for processing. Use the endpoints described in this documentation to:

  • initiate a telephony session with the secure card collection service, optionally supplying card holder data
  • inititate a digital session to provide a secure payment link to a client
  • get the status results of a payment transaction

Integrating the Vonage Contact Center secure payment system requires upfront alignment and design of the fields required by the Payment Service Provider and, potentially, a number of payment configuration profiles. The Payment Service Provider fields and configuration profile determine the data that is sent using the API.

Who is the Payment API for?

The Payment API is for developers, engineers, and anyone else who is comfortable integrating with RESTful APIs and needs secure mechanisms of collecting sensitive payment card information from callers.