Call Logging

In the Call Logging area of the Vonage Contact Center (VCC) Admin Portal, administrators can import, create, and assign disposition codes for your account. Agents can add one of these codes to an interaction during, or shortly after, the interaction. Disposition codes help administrators understand the interaction outcome.

For more information about disposition codes, see Disposition codes.

An agent can add multiple disposition codes during a interaction. However, VCC only stores the last code added for an interaction. Previously added codes are overwritten.

The disposition codes can also be viewed in Dashboards, if detailed agent usage insights are required. For information about Dashboards, see Dashboards.

In VCC, there are 16 default, predefined disposition codes:

  • Abandoned in queue

  • None Captured

  • Appointment scheduled

  • Busy

  • Callback

  • Complaint

  • Complete

  • Disconnected number

  • Incorrect number

  • Not interested

  • Product question

  • Requires follow up

  • Requires supervisor attention

  • Refund

  • Sales closed

  • Tech support

When configuring an account, administrators can create a preference for that account using default disposition codes. Administrators can import that preference can be imported in the Call Logging area of VCC. They can then create and assign more codes to an account. To find out more, see Using Call Logging .

Agents can select from the configured codes in ContactPad. The list of codes is available after clicking the Log a Call button in the bottom-right corner of ContactPad. For more information, see Logging an interaction in ContactPad.

If you want to ensure that agents add a disposition code for every interaction, enforced disposition codes must be enabled and configured for your account or for individual agents. For information about configuring enforced disposition codes, see Configuring enforced disposition codes.

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