Working with prospects in ContactPad in Salesforce

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How do I work with prospects in ContactPad?

When you have clicked to start working with prospects in Vonage Contact Center (VCC), your next prospect or prospects appear in ContactPad on the Cadence tab.

The Cadence tab contains the following information:

  • Cadence name
  • Prospect name
  • Icon to indicate that prospect is not in working hours
  • Name of the step
  • Log call outcome button
  • Information, LinkedIn and Voicemail (if voicemail is required by the current step) icons. Click the information icon to display the Instruction for the step (if added).
  • Skip button (if a prospect is not in working hours). Click Skip in Contact Pad to request the next prospect or to stop cadences if more prospects are not available.
  • Carousel to switch between prospects selected.

  • Start cadence or Stop cadence button. Click Start cadence in ContactPad to start all automatic cadences that you are assigned to. The order in which the prospects appear is determined by the priority of the prospect list. Click Stop cadence in ContactPad to stop all cadences in the working set.

Working with prospects in Salesforce

No carousel in automatic mode

The carousel is only available if the related cadence is in manual working mode. If prospects are automatically assigned, your next prospect is not determined until you have finished working with your current prospect.

How do I call a prospect?

To call the currently displayed prospect, click the prospect's name. A Salesforce record containing the prospect's details appears (pops).

Use Click to dial to make a call to the prospect in the usual way. For information about using Click to dial, see Using Click to dial in Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce.

When complete, release the call and click Log task outcome to log the outcome.

How do I log prospect activity?

When you click the Log call outcome button, Log activity appears.

  1. In the Outcome list, select one of the disposition codes. The available disposition codes have been configured for the step by a supervisor in the positive remove, negative remove and transition outcome sections of a cadence. For more information, see Managing cadences.
  2. In Activity notes (optional) provide optional, additional information about the outcome.
  3. Click Confirm. The provided information is logged in the related task object in Salesforce.

The Details section is updated with information such as cadence name, step number, step name, outcome notes, call result, and so on, as configured in Salesforce. For information about configuring Cadence with Salesforce, see Configuring Cadence in Salesforce.

When you have no prospects available to work with—you have moved all started prospects to their next step or have removed them from the prospect list—ContactPad contains a No data loaded message. Return to Cadence in VCC to continue working with the same prospects at their next steps, other prospects in the same prospect list or cadence, or prospects in other prospect lists or cadences.