Set Data Source applet

When Vonage Contact Center routes a call through a Set Data Source applet, the applet can create or update one or more placeholders, matching what has been configured within the applet.

Data Source Configuration

You can create up to 100 data sources using the Set Data Source applet.

Data Source


Name of the placeholder to create or update when Vonage Contact Center routes an interaction through the applet.

The Data Source field can contain a maximum of 255 characters.


The new value of the named placeholder. You can use a combination of text and data sources to define the value.

Use the following format to specify a placeholder for a data source:


You can include one or more data sources in the Value field. The data sources are placeholders for values at runtime.

For example, "0207$(CallbackNumber)" or "$(FirstName)  $(LastName)".

You cannot reference a placeholder created in the applet within the same applet; if you do, the value of that placeholder will be 'null'. In the following example, data source DEF will be 'null'.

You can, however, reference a placeholder that was created in a previous applet; in this scenario, the data source will use the value from the previous applet even if set to a different value within this applet. Using the same example, data source DEF will contain the previous value of ABC


Next AppletList of available appletsOptional. The applet that Vonage Contact Center routes the interaction to after the applet creates or updates the data source.