Vonage Contact Center Admin Portal FAQs

Controlling calls using Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF)

How do I put a caller on hold?

Press * on your handset during the call with the caller.

How do I retrieve a caller?

Press * to put the caller on hold and then press * again.

How do I consult with another party?

During the call press * on your handset and then type in the phone number, agent ID or short code of the person you would like to consult with. Then press the # key on your handset.

What happens if an agent ends the call when consulting with another agent?

If Bob initiated a consultation with Sue and hangs up the phone, the call will automatically be transferred to Sue. If Sue hangs up the phone, the caller and Bob will return to be on hold.

If I have begun to consult with Bob but wanted to speak with Sue, can I retrieve the call and try to consult with Sue?

Press * to return to return to the call on hold. Then type in the number you wish to dial instead and press #.

What happens if I try and consult with an agent who is away from their desk?

You will hear "I'm sorry this agent is not currently available" and you will be put back on hold. The caller will still be on hold and will hear hold music. You can then try to consult a different agent or retrieve the caller.

What happens if the caller ends the call while I am consulting with an agent?

You and the agent that you are consulting with will continue speaking to each other, but you cannot later retrieve the caller who is no longer on the call.

What happens if I try to consult with an incorrect number?

Press # and enter the correct number that you wish to dial, followed by the # key.

If I try to consult with an agent and they do not answer what happens to the call?

You will hear "I'm sorry, that number is not answering". The caller remains on hold and you return to being on hold allowing you to retrieve the caller (press *) or try another consult (press #).

If I am receiving a consult from another agent but do not want to answer the call, is there anything I can do?

If you wish to reject the call rather than answer it, you will need to click Release on the Agent Interface or press reject on your handset.

Is there a way I can transfer a call to an agent without speaking to them first?

Yes—press * to put the caller on hold, press the phone number, agent ID or short code you wish to transfer to, and then press #. When you hear ringing, hang up the phone. This results in a 'Cold Transfer' and transfers the call without connecting to the agent first.

Can someone still consult with me if I put my phone on Do Not Disturb?

No. No one is able to consult with you when your phone is in this state, whether using DTMF or ContactPad. The person trying to reach you will hear "I'm sorry, that number is currently busy" and will be put back on hold.

What happens if I try to transfer to somebody who is already on a call?

You will hear "I'm sorry that number is busy" and be put back on hold.

Taking mid-call payments

I tried to take a mid-call payment while on an inbound call using CCXML. Why can't I use ContactPad any more?

Taking mid-call payments while on an inbound CCXML call is not a supported feature. If you do try to take a mid-call payment, your state changes to Busy Payment IVR and ContactPad becomes unresponsive. To correct this issue, contact your supervisor and ask them to change your state to Away, or log you out of the VCC Admin Portal.