Using Voicemail Drop

How do I leave a prerecorded voice message if my call is connected to voicemail system or an answering machine?

If your outbound call is answered by voicemail or an answering machine, ContactPad's Voicemail Drop feature enables you to automatically leave a prerecorded message while you continue with other tasks.

You can also drop a voice message when you are connected to a live person if you are giving the same information to everyone that you call.

To use Voicemail Drop, you must firstly upload the voice message you want to use.

Uploading a voice message

To upload your voice message, perform the following steps:

  1. In ContactPad, click Settings.

    The settings dialog box appears.

    Upload voice message

    If you have already uploaded a voice message, file present appears.

    Uploaded voice message

    Uploading another message overwrites the existing message.

  2. Click Choose File in the Voicemail Drop section. An Open dialog box appears.

  3. Select the voice message recording you want to leave on voicemail or answering machines. The name of your chosen file appears alongside Choose File. Click Save.

    When the message is uploaded, a message appears in ContactPad.

    Depending on the size of the file, you might have to wait a few seconds.

    Upload voice message success

You can now use your voice message.

Using the voice message

When your call is answered, the Voicemail button is activated.

To leave the message, click Voicemail.

You are disconnected from the call; the recorded message is played to the voicemail or answering machine.

If your call times out before you are connected to either your contact or their voicemail or answering machine—you hear a message telling you that the number is not answering—increase the value in the No Answer Time-Out field in System Settings. For information about the No Answer Time-Out field, see Editing Configuration (Account Settings).

Leave voice message


You must provide a voice message that is in Waveform Audio File Format (wav extension) file format and is smaller than 10MB. If you have not uploaded a file, the Voicemail button is not available.

You cannot leave a voice message when more than two parties are connected.

If you are recording the call, the recording does not currently include the voice message.

This feature is not supported in IE8 or 9.

Leave voice message unavailable