Using Analytics

Analytics dashboards are made up of individual tiles. Each tile displays chosen data in the chosen form.

Currently tiles show data about agent events or interaction events—this data is the same data that used in Dashboards and Insights Stats API. In Looker, data is contained in fields. Fields can be of three types:

  • Filter-only field. Used for filtering data only.
  • Dimensions. Data about an agent or interaction event that can be displayed, or filtered or grouped by.
  • Measures. Perform calculations on all the data in relevant dimensions such as totals, averages, durations, minimums, maximums, and percentages.

Each field has a tooltip that describes the field's content.

Analytics course

We now have a dedicated Analytics course in our Vonage Academy. For more information, see Analytics course.

In this page

Accessing Analytics 

Only users with view licenses can access Analytics. For more information about licenses, see the Who can access Analytics? section in Overview of Analytics.

To access Analytics, go to Analytics on the VCC admin portal menu. Existing default and custom (if available) dashboards are displayed in tiles in according tabs. For information about available default dashboards, see Default Analytics dashboards.

To view an existing dashboard, click the tile. The dashboard appears.

Accessing Analytics Dashboards

Displaying dashboards

To maximize the space available to display dashboards, you can:

  • Use full page view (1)
  • Hide dashboard filters (2)

Maximizing space for dashboards

Viewing dashboards

To view available dashboards, you need to have a view license. When viewing an Analytics dashboard, you can filter the data on the dashboard using the filters at the top of the dashboard. To explore the data in an individual tile, click the three dots in the top-right corner and then click Explore from here. For more information about viewing dashboards in Looker, see Viewing dashboards (Looker help).

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