Interaction Plans Architect home page

When you log in to the VCC Admin Portal and go to Architect (within Interaction Plans). Interaction Plans Architect appears.

Phone Number Configuration

Contains a list of the telephone numbers and named routes associated with your account, and a search field. Optionally use the search field to filter the list of telephone numbers and named routes, by number or by service name. Then select one, many, or all of the telephone numbers or named routes to display in the Phone Number Directory section.

Phone Number DirectoryContains the phone number or named route to which the associated interaction plan applies, and the initial applet that the interaction is routed through.
Applet ListContains an alphabetical list of the currently configured applets for the associated telephone number or named route. From this section you can view, edit, and delete individual applet configurations.
Applet ManagerThe area in which you create new applets, rename existing applets, set the initial applet, and set the applet that the interaction is routed to if the agent or caller hangs up (only applicable to calls).
Transfer Manager

Only applicable to calls.

The area in which you map call transfers. When a call is routed to a Transfer Call applet, the caller must provide a number. The call is then transferred to the applet corresponding to the number the caller provides.

Service and visualisationThe area in which you can set the service name and see a graphical representation of your interaction plan.