High Velocity Sales (HVS) Powered by Vonage

HVS Powered by Vonage is the integration of Vonage Contact Center with Salesforce's High Velocity Sales (HVS) product. If enabled for your account, your agents can contact leads using ContactPad. Those leads can progress through the cadence process based on the outcome of calls made.

For information about Salesforce's High Velocity Sales product, see High Velocity Sales (Salesforce.com).

Salesforce Lightning Dialer limitation

The Salesforce Lightning Dialer is an optional feature of HVS that agents can use to contact leads. Agents can only use Salesforce Lightning Dialer within the United States and Canada. If your agents are based outside the United States or Canada, HVS Powered by Vonage is an alternative solution.

Key features of HVS Powered by Vonage

If enabled, when using Salesforce's HVS features with Vonage Contact Center, the following Vonage Contact Center features are available to your agents:

Click to dial

From the HVS workqueue or Sales Cadence record, agents can click to make a call to the associated lead. The call is initiated using ContactPad and agents can work with the call as with any other Click to dial calls. For more information about Click to dial, see Click to dial.

Log a call and disposition codes

When the agent finishes working with the call made from the HVS workqueue or Sales Cadence record, using Log a Call, the agent must set a disposition code based on the outcome of the call.

Enforced disposition codes and disposition code mappings

If the enforced disposition codes feature is enabled for your account, the agent cannot continue without setting a disposition code. The disposition code may alternatively be set automatically using disposition code mappings. For information about disposition codes, see Disposition codes for Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce.

Depending on the configuration of HVS—when using Sales Cadence Branching—and the disposition code that the agent chooses, Sales Cadence moves the lead to the next step in the cadence process.


Required version

You must be using version 19.123, or later, of Vonage Contact Center in Salesforce.

To use HVS Powered by Vonage, the following features must be enabled and configured for your account:

In addition, your agents must be assigned the High Velocity Sales User permission set.