IVR Secure Payments solution

The IVR Secure Payments solution extends the other PCI Pal secure payment features provided by PCI Pal. It enables customers to make secure payments while in an interaction plan using interactive voice response (IVR). Using IVR, customers can pay for goods and services without interacting with an agent. Instead of speaking to an agent, Vonage Contact Center (VCC) transfers the caller to an automated payment system. The automated payment system collects and verifies card details from the caller. The payment system processes the payment request.

Using an IVR Data Connector applet in Interaction Plans Architect, you can configure a stand-alone payment interaction plan for payments. The process for taking automated payments includes the following steps:

  1. Using the Vonage VCC Payment API, create a self-service or digital secure payment session.
    1. For a self-service session, use an applet to pass the call to the PCI Pal payment solution.
    2. For a digital session, after the session is created, a link to a payment page is automatically sent to the customer. The customer can end the call after the payment link is delivered and use it to pay for up to 72 hours after the call is finished.
  2. The customer securely enters their payment details using one of the following methods:
    1. For a self-service session, the customer uses their phone keypad. The customer is returned to VCC.
    2. For a digital session, the customer uses the payment page
  3. Using the Vonage Payment API, retrieve the results of the payment session.

For information about configuring the self-service payment feature, see Creating a call plan for the IVR Secure Payments solution.