Configuring applet transfer strings

How do I configure an applet transfer string to use in the Transfer Call applet?

If you want to transfer a call to a particular applet based on the number that a caller enters, use the Transfer Manager.

This setting only applies to calls.

Numbers assigned to applet transfer strings and to short codes must be unique. For example, you cannot have an applet transfer string of 1234 and a short code of 1234. For information about short codes, see Configuring short codes.

To transfer calls to a specific applet perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Architect (within Interaction Plans). For information on accessing Interaction Plans Architect, see Accessing Interaction Plans Architect.
  2. In the Phone Number Configuration section, optionally filter the list of available telephone numbers. Select the number for which you are configuring transfer strings. Click Display Selection.

    The Applet List, Applet Manager, Transfer Manager, and Service and visualisation areas appear in the Phone Number Directory section.

  3. Alongside Transfer Manager, click Show.

    The Transfer Manager area expands.

  4. In the Applet To Transfer list, select the applet you want to transfer the call to. In Applet Transfer String, type the number that transfers the call to the applet you specify in Applet To Transfer. You must type a valid numeric DTMF string.

    The length of the applet transfer string is defined in the Length field in the Transfer String Limit section in System Settings. For information about System Settings, see Editing Configuration (Account Settings). The default maximum length is four digits and the absolute maximum is 10.
  5. Click Add.

    The transfer string appears alongside the applet name in the Applet List area—to expand the Applet List area, alongside Applet List, click Show.

    When a call is routed to a Transfer Call applet, the caller is prompted to provide a number. The call is routed to the applet you specify in Applet To Transfer that matches the number provided.

    If you want to stop transferring calls, click the check box to the right of the transfer string and click Delete.

Any transfer strings that you create and assign to applets appear in Transfer Call applets. For more information about Transfer Call applets and how the applets use these transfer strings, see Transfer Call applet.