Creating an interaction plan

Use Interaction Plans Architect to create the customer experience and to route interactions to the appropriate agent. Use the vast range of applets to make announcements, route interactions according to the time of day, callers CLID, geographic region, queue calls in an Automatic Call Distributor, to collect information using the IVR capability, take messages, send SMS and e-mails.

An interaction plan contains one or more applets and describes the path or paths that an interaction follows from dialing the number or sending the email or SMS, for example, to being connected to an agent, and even after that. You create an interaction plan for each telephone number that a customer can call or named route that an interaction can reach; the interaction plan can include applets on another phone number or named route if the interaction is routed to such an applet using the Shim Calling applet. For information on the Shim Calling applet, see Shim Calling applet.