Getting started with ContactPad

How do I use ContactPad?

To use ContactPad you must first log in. For information about logging in to ContactPad, see Logging in to ContactPad.

ContactPad has four panels that show information relevant to you and your calls. For information about the contents of those panels, see Overview of ContactPad.

When you have logged in you can perform one of three standard actions:

  • Change State

    • Put yourself in an appropriate offline state, to continue working without receiving further inbound calls from queues or colleagues. For information on changing your state, see Changing states.
  • Make Call

  • Log out

    • Terminate your current session and logout of the ContactPad. 

      You must log out of ContactPad when you go home or finish your call center shift. Simply closing the web browser, or logging out of Salesforce, does not log you out of the call center, and calls continue to route to your telephone even if you're away from your desk.