Setting the default callback number for outbound calls

How do I change the telephone number that is displayed when I make an outbound call?

If enabled for your account, ContactPad supports multiple callback numbers. Your account's callback numbers are available in a list in the ContactPad home panel. For more information about callback numbers, see Callback numbers.

To set the callback number, perform the following steps:

  1. In ContactPad, click Settings.
    A new dialog box appears.

  2. In the Callback Number list, select the callback number you want to present when you make outbound calls.

    Newly added callback numbers may not appear immediately. If your supervisor has recently added a callback number, try again in a few minutes.

    Click Save. You must reload ContactPad for the change to appear.

Whenever you make an outbound call, this callback number is used, unless you change the number in the Make Call dialog box for that individual call. For information on changing the callback number when making an outbound call, see Making and receiving calls in ContactPad.

If you use ContactPad in Salesforce, you or your supervisor can configure Vonage Contact Center to automatically select a callback number when you click to dial. To use the automatically selected callback number, you must click --Auto-- in the Callback Number list. For information about automating callback numbers for ContactPad in Salesforce, see Automating callback numbers for Click to dial.