ContactPad with Unite

ContactPad is the main interface that agents use when making and receiving calls through Vonage Contact Center. ContactPad has four panels that show information relevant to your agents and their calls. For information about ContactPad, see Overview of ContactPad.

If you are using Unite, the Queue panel shows additional information.


When using Unite, the Queue panel includes a breakdown of available calls by type. The displayed types depend on the configuration of your system. Additionally, the Show parked interactions button appears. Click Show parked interactions to switch to the Parked Interactions panel.
Parked Interactions

When using Unite, the Parked Interactions panel appears when you click Show parked interactions in the Queue panel. The Parked Interactions panel displays the interactions that you have parked, or have been auto-parked on your behalf. Each parked interaction displays a link to the associated case and its source. A Retrieve button appears alongside the case number. Click Retrieve to unpark the interaction and assign it to you as your current work item. The Retrieve button is only available when you are in a Ready, Ready for Outbound or Wrap Up state.

The Show queue button appears. Click Show queue to switch to the Queue panel.