Vonage Contact Center and Microsoft Teams integration

If enabled for your account, you can integrate your Vonage Contact Center account with a Microsoft Teams organization. After linking your VCC account with Microsoft Team, agents can link their account in VCC with their Microsoft Teams user. When an agent is linked with a Teams user, their presences in VCC and Team are synchronized and other agents can see their availability in ContactPad's address book. For information about ContactPad's address book, see ContactPad address book.

Teams users and their presences in ContactPad

When the VCC and Microsoft accounts are linked, and an agent is linked with a Teams user, the agent can see and search other Teams users in ContactPad. The address book contains Teams users both when making a new outbound call and when starting a consult during an existing call.

The icon alongside the Teams user's name reflects their presence.

IconTeams presence


Available Idle


Busy Idle


Do not disturb

Be right back


ContactPad only refreshes Teams users' presences when the agent opens the address book. Therefore, if a user's presence changes, the change does not appear unless the agent closes and reopens the address book.

For information about Teams user's presence, see User presence in Teams (Microsoft help).

Presence mappings

When a VCC agent has linked their account with a Teams user, their presences are synchronized:

  • If the agent's presence changes in VCC, their linked Teams user's presence in Teams is updated.

    When the agent's VCC presence changes, their Microsoft presence is updated right away. The updated presence is visible to other users who may want to interact with the agent. However, there is currently a delay in displaying the updated presence in the linked user's Teams user interface.

  • If the Team's user's presence changes in Teams, the agent's presence is updated in VCC.

Default VCC agent to Teams presence mapping

VCC agent stateTeams availability/activity
Extended AwayAway/Away
Not AvailableBusy/Busy
Logged out

Default Teams to VCC agent presence mapping

Teams availabilityVCC agent state
BusyExtended Away/Extended Away
Do not disturbAway/Away
Be right backAway/Away
Presence unknown