Interaction Content API

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For information, see Trying out Vonage Contact Center APIs.

What is the Interaction Content API?

The Vonage Contact Center Interaction Content API enables you to search for interactions and download the related interaction content. The currently available content includes:

  • Call recordings
  • Transcripts of call recordings
  • Call recording categorizations
  • Screen recordings
  • Voicemails
The API is only available upon request.

Who is the Interaction Content API for?

Interaction Content API is for developers, engineers, and anyone else who is comfortable integrating with RESTful APIs and needs to manage interactions or download interaction content. Common use cases include:

  • Downloading all content to an external location before it is purged
  • Searching interactions based on metadata and downloading their content
  • Downloading and sending specific interaction content
  • Integrating access to interaction content from a third-party application

User-level API

User-level API credentials are required to use this API. User-level credentials are linked to an active user and enforce their permissions while using the available endpoints.