Get specific interaction by its GUID

The GET /interactions/{guid} endpoint enables you to retrieve a specific interaction by specifying its unique identifier. The endpoint returns a specific interaction. The endpoint returns only the interactions that contain interaction content.

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Most URLs in the example code use the following values:


Header parameters in Requests (Interaction Content API) apply to this endpoint.

Authorization scopes supported:

ScopeAccess granted
interaction-content:readEntire endpoint


The endpoint accepts the following path parameters:






A globally unique identifier of the interaction you want to search for.


Request a single interaction

curl -L -X GET "https://***" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>" \
-H "Accept: application/vnd.newvoicemedia.v3+json" \


Responses to the endpoint returns the presences of all the users.

Successful response

For information about successful responses, see Success response code and parameters in Responses (Interaction Content API).

Example responses

  "guid": "2480fc2c-bbd7-427c-9439-02f76583aef5",
  "start": "2020-02-16T14:11:56Z",
  "connectFrom": "+14154204204",
  "connectTo": "22222",
  "direction": "inbound",
  "handlingAgents": [
      "id": "1342"
  "content": [
      "contentKey": "callRecording",
      "type": "callRecording",
      "contentType": "audio/wav",
      "contentLength": 359,
      "lastModified": "2020-02-16T14:19:35Z"
      "contentKey": "fbebd00a-9017-48d3-ad5c-156f4c45024e",
      "type": "voicemail",
      "contentType": "audio/wav",
      "contentLength": 121,
      "owningAgent": {
        "id": "1342"
      "lastModified": "2020-02-16T14:19:01Z"


  • guid. The unique identifier of the interaction.
  • start. The interaction start date.
  • connectFrom. The address of the party that initiated the interaction. For a phone call connectFrom is their phone number.
  • connectTo. The address of the party that was being contacted within the interaction. For a phone call connectTo is their phone number.
  • direction. The direction of the interaction. Can be:
    • inboundInteraction was initiated by a customer to interact with a VCC agent
    • outbound. Interaction was initiated by a VCC agent to interact with a customer
  • handlingAgents. A JSON array with identifiers of the agents involved in the interaction.
    • id. The unique identifier of each handling agent.
  • content. A JSON array with content attached to this interaction. 
    • contentKeyThe key of the content type you can retrieve from a given interaction using the GET ‘/interactions/{guid}/content/{contentKey}’ endpoint.
    • typeThe type of the content, such as callRecording or voicemail.
    • contentTypeThe media type of the interaction content such as audio/wav or application/json.
    • contentLength. The length of the content expressed in bytes.
    • owningAgent. The identifier of the agent that owns the content.
      • id. The unique identifier of the owning agent.
    • lastModified. The date/time (in UTC) that the interaction content was last modified.

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For information, see Trying out Vonage Contact Center APIs.