Configuring the Conversation Analyzer feature in Salesforce

When an agent makes or receives a call, if call recording is enabled and configured, the agent can record the call. For information about recording calls, see Call recording. Call recordings are stored in Interaction Content within the Vonage Contact Center admin portal. For information about Interaction Content, see Interaction Content.

If enabled for your account, conversation analyzer enriches the call recording player experience. Conversation analyzer adds the following features:

  • Voice visualization
  • Event timeline
  • Transcript of the recording
  • Categorization of the contents of the recording

If the conversation analyzer feature is not enabled for your account, you can use call recording annotation. For information about configuring call recording annotation, see Configuring call recording annotation in Salesforce.

To use the conversation analyzer in Salesforce, you must configure the feature within Advanced Reporting and Statistics. For information about configuring the conversation analyzer in Advanced Reporting and Statistics, see Configuring Conversation Analyzer in Salesforce.